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Great article by none other than the “Scary DBA” himself, Grant Fritchey. This article is all about SQL Server statistics which are now a dark art or path less traveled for the hybrid developer/DBA. Like all of his articles this one is very well written with examples that are easy to digest.


SQL Server Statistics Questions We Were Too Shy to Ask 



Remove data from data (.mdf) file

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SHRINKDB with the EMPTYFILE argument is a handy command that I for some reason continue to forget about.

MSDN – http://msdn.microsoft.com/en-us/library/ms189493.aspx

EMPTYFILE – “Migrates all data from the specified file to other files in the same filegroup. Because the Database Engine no longer allows data to be placed in the empty file, the file can be removed by using the ALTER DATABASE statement.”




Instant File Initialization

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Should be on all DBA’s initial install/setup checklists…

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