Cannot preview Excel spreadsheet data in BIDS 2008

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Simple error returned when trying to view sheet data in Excel from within BIDS.

“There was an error displaying the preview. (Microsoft Visual Studio)

Index and length must refer to a location within the string.

Parameter name: length (mscorlib)”


BIDS doesn’t do well with spaces in the Excel sheet name. Remove the spaces or replace them with underscores lazy programmer. 😉


CAST SQL Server system table/view duration as Time

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Parse to your heart’s content . .

SELECT CAST(SUBSTRING(CAST(last_run_duration + 1000000 AS CHAR(7)), 2, 2) AS INT) AS ‘hours’
,CAST(SUBSTRING(CAST(last_run_duration + 1000000 AS CHAR(7)), 4, 2) AS INT) AS ‘mins’
,CAST(SUBSTRING(CAST(last_run_duration + 1000000 AS CHAR(7)), 6, 2) AS INT) AS ‘secs’
FROM msdb..sysjobsteps

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