After some reading I found that this menu option is not controlled by SharePoint permissions. Below are three workarounds, two of which I have tested (1&2).


“Open With Report Builder” option






1.)    Setup up version control that requires approval prior to modification. This approach would not remove the “Open with Report Builder” option, nor would it disallow a user from saving changes to a report. This approach simply does not allow the modification of a report without approval. A report that has been modified cannot be viewed by end users and will stay in a queue (in the form of a view) until approved or rejected by someone with the proper permissions. This approach has the most maintenance overhead as someone will need to purge the libraries every now and then.


2.)    Make configuration changes to the ConfigInfo table in the ReportServer. This approach requires configuration changes in Report Server to the ConfigInfo table.



FROM dbo.ConfigurationInfo

WHERE name = ‘EnableReportDesignClientDownload’





UPDATE dbo.ConfigurationInfo

SET value = ‘True’

WHERE name = ‘EnableReportDesignClientDownload’




Setting EnableReportDesignClientDownload to “False” removes the “Open with Report Builder” option from the Action Menu while still allowing developers to modify existing reports and create new reports (if they have previously downloaded the client). Where issues may arise is when a new user would like to develop reports, then the option will need to be switched on momentarily to allow the client to be downloaded.


3.)    Setting security on the directory where the installation file is located. This would not allow anyone without permission to have access to the client. This approach does not, however, remove the “Open with Report Builder” action item. The end user will simply receive a permissions error in SharePoint.


Of the above options I am in favor of #2. This option would provide a cleaner UI/UX in that it removes the option completely. Add to that easier maintenance in that a simple script is applied to make changes. The only drawback I can see is messing around in the configuration tables.